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Start your customer health tracking in minutes with predictive intelligence that's easy to set up and even easier to use.

Take advantage of our pre-built models to gather all the necessary details, giving you more time to focus on growing your customer base and reducing churn. Hero Image

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Zero set up

Connect all your data sources to turn details into actionable insights

Build your own customer success index fast by using over 120 connectors for integration across various categories. Quickly pull your data from CRM, ERP, databases, support, business intelligence, or custom REST APIs.

Connectivity and Data Integration
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Metric templates

Ultimate visibility into your customer health

Track the right metrics out of our 50+ templates. We interviewed 90+ CSMs from top SaaS companies worldwide so now you can use best practices in optimizing product usage, support, advocacy, and sentiment.

Drive Actions

Never miss the chance to act on critical customer events

Take advantage of predictive alerts to drive customer growth and never miss the chance to respond to critical customer events.

Enhance efficiency with a wide selection of pre-built push notifications, dialogs, and emails that engage the right team members with your customers based on best practices. Implement customizable templates in response to changes in customer health.

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A truly powerful and effective customer health scoring model

We interviewed over 90 customer success managers from leading B2B SaaS companies. Now you can use all these insights with a few simple clicks.

Higher NRR
Higher ARR per CSM
Less Chrun

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