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Revenue Operation Systemfor sales and customer success

No-code AI automation brings the sales, marketing, and success teams together to hit their goals for faster growth.

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Build with best practices from most innovative companies

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Our customers use RevOS AI/ML models to increase data quality with context-sensitive actions and automatic data discovery, improve forecast accuracy with customer health scores and better forecasting with pipeline health scores.

Start building ML models and deploy them in production in minutes.Use AI-superpower in your revenue operations.

Easy to use tabular experience

Anything you can do in Excel, you can do in RevOS, but with more straightforward access to existing data in CRM, Marketing, or Customer success tools. Use Excel formulas as always you use but powered by unlimited integration and scalability of the RevOS backend.

Our sophisticated formula editor will provide the necessary suggestions and inline help.

Tabular experience

Never deal with CSV again

Bringing relevant data to your Spreadsheet from a single source is tricky. Correlating two or more sources is nearly impossible, not to mention updates or exports.

RevOS enables you to easily connect disparate systems into one unified data model and calculate critical KPIs specific to your business in hours, not weeks.

Use your favorite tools: Salesforce, HubSpot, Pendo, Zendesk, Slack, Microsoft Excel, Snowflake, Mixpanel, Microsoft Dynamics, and many others.

Simple data integration

Data enrichment and transformation

Enrich first-party data with various providers to better understand targeted outreach and qualification. Connect to product usage tracking, support systems, and CDPs to better understand customer health.

Easily collect and analyze time-series data, like revenue activity across email, calendar, chat, and social touchpoints. The revenue operation solution creates dynamic b2b sales and customer success journeys that either guide teams to the proper strategy steps or automate all the processes thoroughly.

Enrichment and Transformation

Foundation for data-driven actions and decisions

Share the data insights with the team by automatically pushing data into the operational systems. Write KPIs and analysis results to Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack, and other applications used daily by your team.

Empower every team with good data and act upon essential revenue operations signals. Use RevOS visualization components and charts to highlight KPI changes over time and provide additional insights to customer-facing teams for better RevOps results.

Deal and customer health scores

How does it work?

Getting started with RevOS.ai platform

1. Connect and import data
Connect available to your data sources: CRM, Product, Support, and Engagement Systems or Webhooks with 20+ connectors, or upload a data dump. RevOps solution keeps connected data in sync with the source system to ensure you won't miss updates.
2. Transform and build your models
Use familiar formulas, filters, aggregations, and pivots to generate insights from the imported data. RevOS platform will ensure that your formulas, data, and transformations are automatically applied and updated. Hence, the models remain up to date. Always.
3. Write back to the operational systems
Constantly improve processes in your company and create a strategic vector for growth and scaling. Frequently review revenue processes and systems. Optimize sales operations, data quality, and tool usage. Support the health of your customers and pipeline, and establish strategic reporting like Quarterly Business Reviews.

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