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RevOS enables best possible Customer Success Experience with Health Scores, Playbooks and Automations without leaving the CRM and duplicating data.

Hubspot for Customer Success

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Our customers use RevOS AI/ML and integrations for advanced health scoring and 360 view of the customer integrated in HubSpot to enhance efficiency, reducing churn and increasing up-sell. Alongside, customizable playbooks , and targeted automations ensure dynamic customer engagement, while integrated customer surveys and seamless collaboration between sales and customer success teams drive strategic up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, paving the way for sustainable growth.

360 Degree View of a customer in HubSpot
All data in one place

360 Degree View of your Customer

  • Contact management with single point of truth across all teams.
  • Intelligent Activity Tracking and integration with e-mails, calendars, and other communication channels.
  • Customer Health Score - RevOS helps you to connect data from all of your product usage, support and communication tools to build a comprehensive health score.
  • Custom Timeline Events - will be generated by RevOS helping you to keep up with updates of Customer Health Score so you'll never miss an important like contract renewals, sudden usage drops, escalations etc.
Seamless Integration, Empowered Success

Integrate any customer data, in any format

  • Experience unmatched connectivity with our 120 ready-to-use connectors, a breadth of integration unmatched by any other CSM product on the market. All modern Product Analytics, Support or Communication systems.
  • Effortlessly connect with widely-used platforms using pre-built solutions in RevOS, enabling direct integration through just a few simple clicks.
  • Connect to your internal product data, databases, and data warehouses with unparalleled simplicity, and effortlessly interface with custom REST APIs or WebHooks.
Scale faster with srandardized processes and automations

Playbooks & Automations

  • Playbooks for consistency, simpler knowledge sharing and best practices for QBRs, Product Releases, Monthly and Weekly Checkins.
  • Sequences for automatic follow-ups for scheduling of QBRs, NPS Scores surveys, etc.
  • Workflows for automated tasks like 90 days before renewals, automations based on Health Score Change e.g. sudden Usage Drop etc.
Playbooks and Automations in HubSpot
Customer Surveys and Sequences in HubSpot
Truly understand what customers are thinking

Customer Surveys and Sequences

  • Surveys for collecting customer feedback like Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Customer Efforts Score (CES) to gather critical customer feedback.
  • Seamless integration of results into Health Score Change to predict churn and uncover growth opportunities.
  • Workflows and Sequences for automated handling of Survey Results e.g. detractors or promoters handling.
Culture for the whole organization

Seamless Collaboration

  • Customer Success Inbox for multi-channel conversation where context and necessary information available at hand.
  • Integrated Task Management that works across the teams and departments and encapsulates scheduled and recurring tasks like Monthly / Weekly check-ins, sync calls, etc.
  • Sales, Marketing and Service Management all functions with the same UI and UX.
Seamless Collaboration in HubSpot

Maximize your organization's revenue potential with RevOS

Use the power of AI to align sales and customer success teams for an exceptional customer experience.

Faster Growth
Higher NRR
Less Churn
More Up & Cross-Sells

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Boost your teamwork and cut costs by using RevOS in HubSpot for both CRM and CSM, preventing data silos and ensuring seamless customer success.