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Fractional Revenue Operations (RevOps as a Service)

Revenue Operations as a Service

Revenue Operations Consulting from RevOS experts. We design, build and execute a revenue process to support a holistic go-to-market strategy.

We help B2B sales and customer success teams with reporting, automation, and integration of your CRM, Sales, and Customer Success tools.

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The Problem

Sales becomes increasingly digitalized and sales tech becomes more comprehensive. CRM alone is no longer sufficient for effective sales and account management. More and more tools are finding their way into the day-to-day job of customer-facing teams.

More tools mean more data silos mean more integration challenges. Stale and outdated data have a negative effect on customer experience require additional manual work and make proper process orchestration and holistic reporting across tool and team boundaries impossible.

The Solution

RevOS build a holistic structure for growing revenue that consolidates sales and customer success processes, strategy and tactic, data operations, and integrations through AI automation and tools. Based on 10+ years of experience in sales and customer success we created a strategic revenue formula that accelerate your growth.

Speed up your revenue growth across alignment processes, people, and technology with RevOS.

Start with a Model for Growth.
Bring Harmony to Your Revenue Org.

We win only when you win

RevOS is your RevOps Consultant

RevOS will audit and analyze every aspect of your business and build a single, holistic, high-performing growth engine.

Revenue Operations Consultants
Revenue Operation as a Service
Transform Operational Excellence into Revenue Growth

Revenue Operation as a Service

Design synchronized revenue processes to supercharge company growth across alignment functions, people, and technology. Operate efficiency and effectiveness across the customer lifecycle.

Build with best practices from most innovative companies

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Dynamic Yield

Supercharge your Revenue

Fractional RevOps Services for Sales Leadership and Management Directors

Maximize your organization’s revenue potential with a full set of options.

Revenue Reporting & Attribution

Make fast data-driven decisions with complete revenue reports. Create and manage crucial strategic reports for every growing aspect.

Customer Health Scoring

Build a scoring model that predicts customer churn. Focus your CSM efforts on customers that really need it.

Pipeline Health Scoring

Asset the health of your pipeline based on activity data. With automated sales pipeline analysis, you’ll be able to take that data and turn it into powerful action items for your team.

Sales Enablement & Support

Unifying sales to operationalize the funnel by giving a source of information for improvements and levers to rise figures.

Strategy & Guidance

A strategic approach to the accomplishment of all the goals and successful targets. We design, set up, and monitor metrics for the operational and strategic control of the organization. We create a revenue operations strategy.

Audit & Recommendations

Audit with all the recommendations, suggestions, and testing ideas pull your growth to the new milestone of prosperity.

Process Architecture & Optimization

Fractional RevOps create an optimized funnel for the entire customer experience – from prospect to customer, through to retaining them as a customer.

Revenue Forecast and Analisys

Designing and implementing a standartized process with use of data and analytics to predict future revenue and identify trends and patterns in revenue generation.

Sales Compensation and Provisioning

Design and implementation of compensation plans and revenue-sharing arrangements that align the interests of the sales, marketing and success team members.


By 2025, 75% of the highest growth companies in the world will deploy a revenue operations model. A move from sales enablement to revenue enablement is needed in today’s rapidly shifting buying and selling dynamic to support this RevOps imperative.

RevOps: The Modern Operating Model for Fast-Forward Organizations

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Speed Up Your Revenue Growth Today.

Increase Sales, Boost Productivity, Improve Customer Relations, Make Better Decisions