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Customer Health Score
Use Case

Customer Health Score

Build and deploy a scoring model that predict customer churn. Focus your CSM efforts on customers that really need it.

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The Problem

Customer Success Managers should allocate their time to the customers with the highest churn probability and the biggest revenue impact, not to the customer who is screaming the loudest.

The Solution

Use a Customer Health Score to predict the customer churn and focus CSM activities on customers where it matters.

Establishing, monitoring, and responding to customer health helps customer success managers identify and address risk before it escalates.

Simple integration

Automatically gather necessary data from 25+ different systems

Easy to customize

Calculate your health score with 400+ KPIs for product adoption, perceived business value, customer engagement and loyalty

Include sentiment

Collect external and internal sentiment like NPS Score, Customer Satisfaction Score, CSM Sentiment, etc.

Get notified when score changes

Write-back calculated score to your existing CRM and use it for triggering notifications, task coordination, and forecasting

Successful proactive service hinges on an organization’s ability to assess customer status continuously and accurately. CSM leaders should use a customer health score and enable an at-a-glance view into a customer relationship and triggers predictive and preemptive actions.

Build A Customer Health Score to Drive Proactive Service

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Boost your CSM productivity.Implement your customer health score today.