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An easy-to-use template for Google Spreadsheets to calculate customer health scores and predict churn.

Customer Health Score Template (v3)

An easy-to-use Google Spreadsheets / Excel template to calculate customer health scores and predict churn.

Customizable template built from deep-dive interviews with over 100 customer success professionals and over 250 comments and improvements to get you started with designing and monitoring your customer health scorecard. Experiment with different formulas and rules, iterate quickly and risk-free with this free template.

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Build with best practices from most innovative companies

F24 AG
Trusted Shops
Dynamic Yield
Become Customer Centered

Prevent churn with proactive actions

Easy to fill

Just export data from your CRM/Support/Engagement systems and import it into the spreadsheet. Build-in formulas and guidance will help you with data formatting and validation.

Easy to customize

Built with the best practices of 80+ innovative companies our template will deliver first results immediately. With additional customizations on formulas and weights, you will be able to fine-tune the scoring model and adapt it to your business.

Now better than ever

Since the release of version 1.0 over 500 people from companies like Apple, IBM, Google, VMware, and many others. Version 3.0 includes more than 200 suggestions and improvements that will give you ideas and inspiration.

Free download
Customizable formula
Best practices build-in
Bootstrap your scoring efforts
Reporting dashboard
Personalized 1:1 help on filling data
E-Mail support
Richard Kayser

Excellent template to start with organising customer success management. It's a foundation for a long-awaited transparency in who is doing what consistent approach in prioritizing our CSM efforts.

Richard Kayser
Head of Sales, DIGOOH Media GmbH

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