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Lead Scoring:Boost sales rep efficiency with effective AI-driven lead scoring & prioritisation

Faster and more accurate lead prioritization by using machine learning algorithms to analyze and score leads based on various factors such as firmographics, behavior, and buyer intent data.

Improve sales efficiency and increased conversion rates, as sales teams can focus their efforts on the most qualified and likely-to-convert leads.


Increased Efficiency

Automated lead scoring saves time by eliminating manual lead analysis and prioritization processes, allowing sales teams to focus on the most promising leads.

Improved Accuracy

AI models consider a wide range of data and variables to accurately score leads, reducing the risk of human error and providing a more comprehensive view of a lead's potential.

Increased Sales Productivity

By focusing on the most promising leads, sales teams can improve their overall productivity, increase conversion rates, and close more deals.

Better insights

Automated lead scoring provides valuable insights into lead behavior and engagement, allowing for continuous improvement and optimization of sales processes.

Improve your sales and marketing efficiency and increase the profitability

Faster Growth
Higher NRR
Higher Pipeline Velocity
Less Chrun

Revenue Operation System

The only data integration and automation platform designed for revenue operation

Advanced connectivity

Access data and process analytics across a growing number of connectors to various CRM (Salesforce, HubSpot, Freshsales, MS Dynamics), CSM (Gainsight) and Service Management (Jira, Zendesk) systems


We connect to custom Databases,REST and GraphQL APIs and accept data via WebHooks


RevOS not only reads and writes but also triggers specific actions in systems across the entire revenue stack.


We are 99,99% available and all our integrations respect the API rate limits and play well with existing systems


All communication channels are encrypted and we never share your data with external parties

GDPR Compliant

All your data is processed on servers in Frankfurt, Germany

Ready to optimize your revenue operations?

Maximize your sales potential and take control of your lead qualification process with our AI-based lead scoring solution.