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Why RevOS?

Renat ZubayrovRenat Zubayrov

I spent last 20 years working in data and application integration technology in amazing companies like DHL, Talend or elastic.io (company we started in 2013 and exited last year). During this time I witnessed multiple technological shifts enabling major business innovations like Open Source or Cloud/SaaS that were essential for many great companies.

Today I’m thrilled to announce that I’m starting my second company - RevOS.ai, a Revenue Operation System. RevOS.ai is build with these 3 key hypotheses:

  • Focus on a specific domain that can solve an inherent flexibility vs. complexity dilemma. Every no/low-code platform like elastic.io, Workato or Celonis is solving a trade-off between flexibility and complexity. Simple tools will be appealing to a broader user-base however flexibility (and potential business value) will be larger for more flexible and complex solution. Focus on a particular domain model can solve this problem, however when an integration market was still small, focus on a niche sector was’t financially viable. Integration market size will be 20B+ by 2026 so even a niche sector may become an attractive 1B+ market.
  • Post-COVID work will never be the same as before. In this environment new collaboration ecosystems like Slack or Microsoft Teams are our new offices where we work, get together and achieve our goals. All tools will have to adapt to new realities and just like Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said - “We're going to rebuild all of our technology to become Slack-first
  • Product-Led growth is a next step in a go-to-market innovation. Content marketing is superior to plain advertising. Text or video content like blog posts, ebooks or recorded webinars provide immediate value to a potential customer. Good content establishes vendors' trust and in the eyes of potential customers. Software products that consistently and continuously provide tangible value for the users can be a superior strategy to win a go-to-market game against the incumbents.

So if the problem statements above sound familiar or you are planning optimisations and improvements for your sales, marketing or customer success processes right now I’m looking forward to speaking with you ASAP.

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